Providing full service interpreting and translation solutions in Japanese and English to businesses, government and individuals.

Clarus Translation has been helping clients conduct business by taking the frustration and complexity out of communicating across linguistic and cultural barriers, in areas including engineering, law & litigation, and PR & market research, saving you valuable time and resources in getting your point across, gathering information and getting the job done. We also regularly provide NAATI certified translations for document submissions to government agencies.

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“I have frequently dealt with matters involving interpreters over the many years of being a Commissioner at the Fair Work Commission, and I can say that Mr Mabuchi’s interpreting services have been outstanding and of a very high standard. My role has been made an easier one due to the professional assistance provided by Mr Mabuchi”
—Commissioner of the Fair Work Commission

Over 17 years of interpreting and translation experience

Supporting clients in the following areas and more
through the provision of interpreting and translation services:

PR & market research

Food & beverage

Transportation & logistics

Healthcare & medical

Humanitarian aid

Agriculture, forestry & fishing

Media & entertainment

Interpreting services

Consecutive interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting

Providing interpreting services for teleconferences over the phone, via video conferencing and audio-visual links in the areas of law & litigation, mediation / conciliation / arbitration, immigration & visas, engineering & technology, and more.

Documents translated

Documents related to Law & litigation / Company registration / Immigration & visas such as:

Agreements / Contracts
Articles of incorporation / Constitution
Cease and desist orders
Court orders
Curriculum vitae
Food labels
Provisions of laws
Vehicle import documents

Documents related to engineering and technology such as:

News articles

Documents related to PR & market research such as:

Invitation letters
News articles
Presentation material
Video / television scripts
Video subtitles
Web content


Clarus Translation specialises in translation and interpreting between Japanese and English. I (Seigo) am the translator and interpreter who provides and takes responsibility for the translation and interpreting services.

Rest assured that documents and other confidential information received from you will not be passed on to anyone else without your permission. Send me your non-disclosure agreement if you need it signed beforehand. I also have a standard one available.

Clarus Translation operates on a fundamentally different business model from other businesses who claim to handle over a hundred languages and have thousands of interpreters and translators, when in fact they have no in-house translation or interpreting capability and subcontract each job to external vendors.


By choosing Clarus Translation, you have the confidence that the person translating or interpreting for you has the background and experience to help you achieve the outcome sought. By dealing directly with the provider of the service, communication will be direct, clear, prompt, and effective.

Technology / engineering, legal and PR

I have a background in engineering. Before going solo as Clarus Translation, I worked as a translator and interpreter mainly in the automotive and more generally in the manufacturing industry, and as a writer and translator for a business newspaper.

Clients in the areas of technology / engineering, law & litigation, PR & market research and more have benefited from my services. I am also a certified NAATI Interpreter (Japanese to/from English), with a rare combination of NAATI Translation certification in both Japanese to English and English to Japanese language directions, providing certified translations to be submitted to government agencies. I have native level fluency in both written and spoken English and Japanese with an understanding of cultural nuances in both languages in a business setting.

Clients can avail of my services particularly when document translation is required in both language directions along with interpreting services. Using one professional instead of multiple individuals can improve confidentiality and ensure consistency of terminology.

Experience in the areas of technology / engineering, legal, PR and more. Not just accurate in both language directions but conveying the nuances of Japanese and English to the audience in the other language. If this is what you’re after, consider using Clarus Translation’s interpreting and translation services—underpinned by business experience and strong translation and interpreting skills.

Quality assurance

Contrary to popular belief, being bilingual does not make one an interpreter / translator. At least not a very good one. One interpreter / translator put it this way—”the difference between a bilingual and an interpreter / translator is like the difference between a person with two hands and a concert pianist”. It requires aptitude, training, and experience. Just like any other profession. A large part of interpreting / translation quality comes from the interpreter / translator’s skill level and experience. But external factors play an important part as well.

To give you an idea of the processes I go through when providing interpreting and translation services, a partial overview is provided below.

The Process@Clarus Translation®

What the interpreter will do for you to achieve your desired outcome.

Employ the full range of consecutive and simultaneous interpreting skills and experience to interpret as accurately and faithfully as possible, taking into account the purpose of the event.

What the translator will do for you to achieve your desired outcome.

Employ the full range of translation skills and experience to translate as accurately and faithfully as possible, taking into account the purpose of the translation.

Style guides: The Chicago Manual of Style, 17th edition, and more.

The process of providing translation or interpreting services begins long before converting any words of the source language into the target language.

Be wary of translators and interpreters who ask no questions. More often than not, I will ask clarifying questions to ensure the interpreting and translation services provide value to you.

I may ask questions before or while the actual translation or interpreting service is taking place. Some questions may seem strange or irrelevant. That is mainly because I’m dealing with the complexities of communicating between two significantly different languages and cultures which may not be visible to you—so that you don’t have to.

“[Seigo] was joined to the counselling session by telephone. He was very professional, asked important clarifying questions prior to the session and was intuitive, highly appropriate and respectful throughout. My clients were both very impressed and felt very comfortable and trusting of Seigo’s representation of their words/meaning and mine. A counselling session can be a tough one for an interpreter at the best of times however, to be able to hear and handle the content professionally, which is always charged with emotional content, and to do this without the aid of body language takes great skill. It’s a pleasure to have the assistance of such fine service. Thank-you”
—Mediator, Relationship Australia