The following is a selection of work completed.


2010 to present
I have been providing interpreting services face-to-face, over the phone, or via audio-visual links at mentions, sentencings, hearings, conferences, trials or interviews, at courts (Supreme Court, Federal Court, Local & District Courts, Children’s Court, Family Court) or tribunals, regarding civil or criminal matters.


2005 to present
The following is a sample of documents translated during this period.



Court orders

Cease and desist orders

Provisions of laws

Agreements / Contracts


Articles of incorporation / Constitution

Minutes of meeting of the board of directors

Resolution of shareholders

ASIC certificate of registration on change of name

Company registration certificates

Medical certificates

Other certificates




Shareholder register

Offers of employment / Acceptance of offers of employment

Curriculum vitae

Direct debit request forms

Security compliance requirements

Declaration of compliance

Redundancy notification letter

Change proposal

Form 1b—summary of the document to be served

Legal training slides

Other court evidence

Interpreting & Translation

August to September 2021
Interpreting and sight translation support to produce affidavits in a commercial litigation involving liquidators.


October 2019 
Meeting and site visit involving two major companies for potential acquisition. I provided consecutive and whispered interpreting support.


June 2019 
Court proceedings regarding criminal matter—import shortfall quantity. I provided consecutive and whispered interpreting support.

Interpreting & Translation

2014 to 2018
Lead interpreter / translator for witness interviews for the purposes of producing statements; examinations of senior executives; and high level meetings regarding competition law and large-scale litigation, which eventually led to some of the largest fines for cartel conduct in Australia. In addition to consecutive and whispered interpreting throughout the five years, including some via video conferencing, I provided translation, sight translation, translation checking, and document identification and categorisation services for over 1200 pages of material.


April to May 2017 
Record of search warrant regarding certain plants conducted by the enforcement section of a government department. The records were audio files with a mixture of English and Japanese while the output required was a document in English. I provided interpreting and transcription support to produce a written translation.


February 2014
A large privacy consultancy company was engaged do some work relating to the privacy impacts of a service to be launched in Japan. Government guidelines, technical documents and white papers needed to be understood but not fully translated. I provided an interpreting and translation solution that suited their requirements.

Interpreting & Translation

2012 to 2013
Lead interpreter / translator for witness interviews of senior executives regarding competition law and alleged cartel conduct for possible legal proceedings. In addition to consecutive and whispered interpreting, including some via video conferencing, I provided translation, sight translation, and translation checking services.


May 2013
Contract case trial at the Federal Court regarding the supply of over 1000 cars from Japan to Australia. I provided interpreting support for the trials and legal consultation.


January 2013
An Australian investment firm needed to submit a range of documents to a local finance bureau in Japan as it was a major shareholder of a Japanese listed company. I translated its company constitution, board meeting minutes, loan agreement, resolution of shareholders, and an ASIC certificate of registration.


October 2010
An Australian investment firm needed to submit a Partnership Agreement and a number of other documents in English as part of their audit requirements. I provided translation support to help them achieve this.


October 2003
This was seven years before going solo as Clarus Translation, while I was a freelance interpreter and translator in Japan.

Shortly after the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act was enacted in the US, the acronym—along with the law itself—was not yet broadly recognised in Japan. During this period, KPMG AZSA LLC needed to explain this law to its clients in Japanese, in relation to due diligence, risk management, and conflict checks. I provided translation support to assist with this task.